Feature Film 'S is for Summer, K was for Fall' Austria International Film

Japanese Movie 'S is for Summer, K was for Fall'  

A Fumito Fushi Film 

'There is a quality there that is very organic and real. Definitely reminded me of the French New Wave film makers, but with a distinct fragmentation that is very much like our minds work - in flashes forward and back constantly. Congratulations!'

Screening for Online Extra session: 22nd July-5th August, 2020

'S is for Summer, K was for fall'

OFFICIAL SELECTION - S is for Summer, K was for fall - Austria International Film


The World Film Fair in LA Best Japanese Film Award (Experimental)

Hong Kong National Film Award

Eurovision Palermo Film Festival Official Selection

World Cinema Milan Festival Official Selection & Nominations

London International Filmmaker Festival Official Selection & Nominations

Nice International Filmmaker Festival Official Selection & Nominations

Austria International Film OFFICIAL SELECTION


Susumu has moved up to Tokyo from Osaka. He went to an interview at music production company over the summer.

He has decided to try to achieve his best friend Koichi’s dream of playing in a band

Susumu and his friend’s music style differs from the mainstream music scene of today.

They fight amongst themselves to decide whether they produce their own music or produce the music that others want them to make, all in the name of trying to break into the music industry.

Throughout the duration of the film, Koichi appears like a ghost in the background. His actions and behaviors from last autumn also have an influence on the choices Susumu makes today. This film is shot in black and white.

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  • 1000 / 1000